Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. This means that you store all of your application state in one place and can know what the state is at any given point in time.

Before diving into Redux, we should get familiar with its base and predecessor, the Flux architecture

What Is Flux?

Flux is a generic architecture or pattern, rather than a specific implementation. In Flux, events are managed one at a time in a circular flow with a number of actors: dispatcher, stores, and actions.

An action

is a structure describing any change in the system: mouse clicks, timeout events, network requests…

Create a complete website in the time it usually takes to build a prototype.

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is widely known as the Static Site Generator (SSG). It uses GraphQL to get data from anywhere. It uses React for templating and CSS for styling. It includes a Plugin Architecture. Gatsby generates static HTML pages using a combo of templates, components and data.

Why use Gatsby?

Use Gatsby for Speed, Security and Dev experience. Under the hood it uses Node, React and GraphQL.

Types of Websites

Static websites:

In static websites the website is hosted on a Web Host / CDN and whenever a page request is made to the server , it responds with the HTML,CSS and JS. …


The console method log() outputs a message to the web console. The message may be a single string (with optional substitution values), or it may be any one or more JavaScript objects.


console.log(obj1 [, obj2, ..., objN]);


The console.count() method logs the number of times that this particular call to count() has been called.


let user = "";

function greet() {
return "hi " + user;

user = "bob";
user = "alice";
"default: 1"
"default: 2"
"default: 3"
"default: 4"

The label is displayed as default because no explicit label was…

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